Saturday, 22 December 2012

QOTD: He had a dream..

RIP Bashir Bilour

' I have one great desire. I want to rescue these gentle, brave, patriotic people from the tyranny of the foreigners who have disgraced and dishonored them.
 I want to create for them a world of freedom, where they can live in peace, where they can laugh and be happy.
I want to kiss the ground where their ruined homes once stood, before they were destroyed by savage strangers.
I want to take a broom and sweep the alleys and the lanes,
 and I want to clean their houses with my own hands.
I want to wash the stains of blood from their garments.
I want to show the world how beautiful they are, these people from the hills, 
and then I want to proclaim: “Show me, if you can, any gentler, more courteous, more cultured people than these.”'
- Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan aka Bacha Khan 'quote from a man to match his mountains

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