Wednesday, 13 March 2013

QOTD: The one about mercy

When (captured former opponent) Mir Mannu presented himself before Ahmad Shah, the latter sarcastically asked him, “How is it that you did not present yourself before the threshold of your lord before this to do him homage? “Because, replied Mir Mannu, “I had another lord to serve. “And why, rejoined the Shah satirically, “ did not your lord and master succour you at this moment of your distress “Because, answered Mannu boldly, “he was sure that his servant would take care of himself. “And supposing, continued the Shah, “I had fallen in your hands, what treatment would you have shown to me "I should have severed your majesty’s head from your body and sent it to my king, was the reply. “And now that you are at my mercy, what do you expect of me If you are a merchant, said Mannu, sell me: if executioner and tyrant, cut off my head: but if you are a king show me kingly generosity and pardon my life.? The Shah was pleased with the dauntless spirit of the youth, and conferred upon him the title of ‘Farzand Khan Bahadur Rustam-i- Hind’.

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