Saturday, 1 December 2012

QOTD: elections & Qayyum Khan

The late James W Spain was an interesting character, diplomat and writer, he had a strong affection for the pashtun's of Pakistan's then North-West Frontier Province. He was especially close to the late Governor and Federal Minister Aslam Khattak.

This excerpt  describes his early 1950's encounter with the Frontier's 'Iron man 'Chief Minister Abdul Qayyum Khan. Asked by the ambassador 'Find out how and why your friend stole the elections'

'The next time I was in Peshawar I tried to ease into the subject '
'Listen son' he replied, 'That was a fair election, those bastards had just as much a chance to rig things as I did !'

                                -p158 Spain.J (1998)  In Those Days: A Diplomat Remembers

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