Saturday, 27 October 2012

QOTD: Benazir Bhutto

In light of the recent Supreme Court verdict on the ISI case, I was reminded of this little anecdote quoted by an ex army official about Benazir Bhutto. It probably says less about Benazir then it does about the writer and the mentality of the military establishment in the 1980's. Writing about Benazirs 1988 election and her inauguration day:

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PM-designate Benazir accompanied by the President had to enter the stage from the rear door. And, it just happened at the threshold. While entering the door, the old and elderly Ishaq Khan out of sheer courtesy and chivalry asked BB to proceed ahead saying, "Beti, after you". "I'm not your Beti. I am the Prime Minister of Pakistan," retorted BB haughtily and spontaneously to the bewilderment of Ishaq Khan. Okay, let it be that way, mused Ishaq Khan and took a step forward of BB to enter the hall first. The President had given a clear signal to the PM-designate of his authority and that too only on her asking.
                               - by Riaz Jafri 

 The President sure had given a signal, that after having done everything they could to stop her from getting elected they were not done yet.

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