Thursday, 12 April 2012

Peccavi: When Zia wanted Sindh

A brief addition to Nadeem Paracha's latest article must read article The General, the dog and the flasher 

'the Sindh governor was to admit that in the opening three weeks of the struggle 189 people were killed, 126 injured and 1,999 people were imprisoned'  -Talbot

'The Makli  graveyard is sheddding tears
the battlefield of Miyani is crying
Will anyone rid us of these sympathisers?
We have decided not to retreat against any impediment.
We are armed with the slogan of Hoshu:
'We may die but not give up Sindh'
Love for the homeland is our only creed.
We'll pronounce it even on the gallows
None dare teach us any other lesson.
Oh, Sindh I swear upon Samoi
to fight those who hurt the hearts of my countrymen
Either we'll due
Or the Aliens will perish.Truth will truimph
Against any falsehood of the day '
                                               - translated Anwer Pirzado (Rahman 1995)

A divided opposition and brutal  Army repression eventually carried the day, but from the day on, there was little doubt that battle for the heart of interior Sindh had been won by the Pakistan Peoples Party and the ghost of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.


-Talbot, Ian Pakistan a modern History
- H Rahman (1995) Resistance literature.

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