Wednesday, 11 January 2012

QOTD: The Queen & Tony Blair

A background to this quote, it is taken from the 2006 movie titled the Queen starring Helen Mirren. It looks at how the Royal family dealt with the aftermath of the death of Princess Diana. To put things in context after Diana's sudden death, there was a backlash against the Royal family and its handling of the public outpouring of grief. This backlash began to manifest itself in the form of an increasing republican sentiment.

In this dramatisation, the Queen does not want to publicly acknowledge public grief on Dianas death, while newly elected Prime Minister Tony Blair (acted by Martin Sheen) wants the Royals to reach out to the people. Tony Blairs advisors on the other hand believe that the Royals are out of touch and deserve, what looks like their fate.

Blair had other plans, he instead acknowledged the Queens life of commitment and felt a certain unease with the increasing public anger towards the Royal family. His intervention on the side of the Royal family helps them restore their image. Here we have a conversation between Blair and the Queen about his motivations in saving the monarchy:

HM Queen Elizabeth II: Oh, really? You don't think that what affection people once had for m... for this 'institution' has been diminished?
Tony Blair: No, not at all. You are more respected now than ever.
HM Queen Elizabeth II: I gather some of your closest advisors were less fulsome in their support.
Tony Blair: One or two... But as a leader, I could never have added my voice to that chorus.
HM Queen Elizabeth II: Because you saw all those headlines and you thought: 'One day that might happen to me'...
Tony Blair: Oh... er...
HM Queen Elizabeth II: ...and it will, Mr. Blair. Quite suddenly and without warning... So, shall we get on with the business in hand?

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Tazeen said...

British cinema use phrases like "Less fulsome" and people still ask me why I love it?

No one does dark humour better than angrez and if I sound like an anglophile...., may be I am one.