Sunday, 18 September 2011

This one is for others..

 I met some interesting characters over the last few days: Antony 'my regret as a CEO is giving people a second chance' , to Rachel 'Don't break bad news on friday and always try to understand where people are coming from' and Rudolph 'intelligent professionals who are given something good and want more are like "shroud wavers" it is in their interest to denigrate what they have so they can get even more.'
 Oh yes and i got asked this little question
'A man pushing his car stopped outside a hotel As soon as he got there, he knew he was bankrupt .. Why ? '
Another bit of inspiration is things said online, which in turn inspired me to post a few things. First up is my version of the nursery rhyme baa baa black sheep updated for military regimes everywhere. With thanks to Husham Ahmed for inspiration

Baa, baa, black sheep,                                  
Have you any wool?                          
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three bags full.
One for the general,
One for the civil servant,
And one for the little politician
Who cries down the lane

The second is inspired by Mehreen who wrote about animal cruelty and the tragic story of a dog killed by a child. Some people angrily talk about people at times being worse than animals. I would disagree, the human capacity for violence is not animalistic, it is in fact very human but so is our ability to transcend those emotions. The death of the dog reminded me of this poem about the fox and the zoo.

Once I went to a zoo,                                                    
And asked a fox
How do you do ?

He said , " the smartest I was ,
Abode by the laws ,
I was happy in the wild ,
Endured hot cold and mild "

Now , I am trapped and caged ,
Got weakened and aged ,
Though fed and nourished ,
I am hungry and enraged ,

Would someone listen to me ,
I want to be free ,
I ain't for a show ,
Would you please let me go ,

You men are cruel ,
First you kill and destroy ,
When we are left a few ,
Then you capture , subdue
And lock us in a zoo

- Salim Topiwal (circa 1999)

Finally the answer to the man and the car breaking down is 'it's a game of monopoly'

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