Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Quotes for the day: Ayub Khan & Ghulam Mohammed

Well actually two, both the result of a journalist with the nickname Pasha

"These civilians cannot be trusted with such sensitive matters of national security"
        -Commander in Chief Ayub Khans advice (1952) to Pakistani Military attache to the USA 

He also advised the bypassing of the ambassador and Foreign Minister in any military deals with the United States.

And the second quote Beside the Governor General stood the strongman of the Pakistan army, Major General Iskander Mirza. "I am dissolving the Constituent Assembly tomorrow," announced Ghulam to the Prime Minister. "You will remain Prime Minister, but you will reform your Cabinet. Major General Mirza will be your Minister of the Interior. General Ayub Khan will become Defense Minister as well as commander in chief . . ." Angrily, Ali turned on General Mirza and accused him of plotting behind his back; Mirza indifferently shrugged his big shoulders. Desperately, Ali wheeled back on the seated Ghulam. "Suppose I refuse?" Ghulam was inexorable and cold: ''Refusal is out of the question. You seem to forget I am head of state."


Shahid Saeed said...

Iskander Mirza had assumed Major General rannk by then? I've always been confused about it. I though he remained Col. Iskander Mirza and propped himself upto Maj Gen sometime between this event and him becoming Governor General.

TLW said...

The description of this conversation between Ghulam Mohammad and the poor PM about to be tossed out on his ear, makes me sad.

I've been reading Kartography and what makes me sadder is that this was all before the 1960's and '70's.

I just think ahead to all the tragedy that follows after 1958, and this quote, and all the sorrow that comes after, and it is sadness.