Thursday, 5 May 2011

Morality & politics

His critics have always faced a problem here. Even they are forced to admit that apart from an unblemished private life. ..... he was always courteous, modest and incorruptible in public.
Gordon Brook-Shepherds Sunday telegraph
I will get back to the above obituary on a famous politician, I am sure you will agree he sounds like a decent person?
 First things first this write up is dedicated to Cafe Pyalas latest must read post titled Fast Friends on the Kim Barker Nawaz Sharif story.
 Long story short Nawaz Sharif offers her a job and an IPhone as an incentive for frrrrnnnssshhaapp  and asks her to stay back in Pakistan..I paraphrase but you get the gist.
Amidst all the snickering, trashing the venal nature of Pakistani politicians and the jokes about desperate old men. This reminded me of the age old debate of politics and morality. Are peoples personal lives a reflection of their political lives? Is it newsworthy to go after them as individuals ?
Waiting for...the Curfew
My argument is that there is nothing new regarding Western female journalists getting access to  Pakistani movers and shakers, cases in point Emma Duncans groundbreaking 1980’s book on Pakistan “breaking the curfew”
  And Christina Lambs Waiting for Allah
It does go both ways though, both writers used their connections to access the highest levels of Pakistani society and state. While they were disgusted with the hypocrisy of the political elite they got book deals and fame out of it and admittedly they are both interesting books.

Notes from America
The argument goes likes this, that how someone behaves in their personal life reflects how they will behave in their professional/political lives. This was something the republicans in the USA used against Bill Clinton when he was first campaigning amidst stories of his extra marital dalliances.
The  "if Hilary can't trust him how can we "  was countered by the “It’s the economy stupid” argument and ultimately George Bush senior lost the election quite decisively.